Y’all, this is my baby. I am so damn proud to introduce you to the official LPC Online Ally Vendor Directory! Use this information to your hearts’ content.

Please feel free to share this information far and wide and DEFINITELY let me know if there’s information that is missing or outdated or if someone isn’t included that you KNOW should be on here.

A little about this directory…

It started out of a need to identify the affirming and inclusive wedding professionals in Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC so that I was sure to only refer our full-service planning clients to people that honored and celebrated who they are. With the help of a few friends, we began to build out what would turn into the directory you have access to here. It is completely free to be a part of and completely free to access (anyone can access this database via the link at the top of our website!). My hope is that it helps the queer community navigate the wedding industry with a bit more ease and love in their hearts without fear of being met with rejection, hatred or prejudice.

Any business you see highlighted in Purple signifies that it is owned and/or operated by queer folx.

As a general note, this is absolutely a work in progress — and so are the folx listed here. We are working with queer educators who regularly partake in ‘secret shopper’ calls and inquiries to everyone on this list to confirm their allyship and experience level. With that said, this first iteration of the database isn’t rated, which we will be sharing with you down the road a bit. It’s one thing to affirm gender-conforming gay and lesbian clients. It’s quite another to affirm trans, non-binary and non-conforming folx, use correct pronouns and be super visible and outspoken as an LGBTQ+ human and/or ally.

Our goal is to vet every business that is listed here and, in the future, rank them in their affirming business practices. Not to mention, we regularly host trainings and workshops so industry professionals can improve their ally skills. It’s one of my favorite things. :)

With all that in mind, follow these folx on social media, send your inquiries, and most importantly, have a damn blast and don’t be afraid to ask for what YOU want and need. I am forever cheering you on, my friends. Now go plan the shit outta your wedding!