Here is where you’ll find all the extras. Email Templates, Checklists, Freebies, Vendor Discounts, Rad Blog Posts, etc. Explore and utilize all of the following or just a few. We’ll be adding new content as we see fit. And if there’s something you’d love to see on here that you think would help you plan your wedding with a bit more ease, by all means send me an email at I always love hearing from y’all. :D


Vendor - Inquiry (Download)

You’ve found a few folx you’re interested in working with but want more information — here’s the perfect template to spell out a few of the details and see if they’re a good fit!

Vendor - Hiring (Download)

Yay! You’ve found your humans! Make it official with this email and be sure to send your signed contract and deposit in promptly so you can secure your date in their calendar and get rolling with your plans!

Vendor - Firing (Download)

It happens, sometimes you start with a particular vendor and then they don’t end up being the greatest fit. That’s okay! And you’re more than allowed to end a vendor relationship before wedding week. Read through your contract terms carefully and then send this email their way letting them know how you’d like to proceed.

Vendor - Going With Someone Else (Download)

From the handful of vendors in each category, you’ve narrowed it down to your faves and you need to let the rest know you’ve gone with someone else. If you’re a people pleaser (raises hand) this can be uncomfortable but it’s common courtesy to let folx know you’ve gone in a different direction so they can officially release your date from their calendar and move forward with no question of whether you’ll reach back out 6 weeks from now wondering if they’re still available.

Vendor - Dream Business Inquiry (Download)

We all have ‘em, those pie-in-the-sky dream vendors you would be over the moon to work with. Maybe they don’t live near you and say they don’t travel. Maybe they’re just out of your price range. Whatever the case, I say, go for it! The worst that can happen is they say no. The best that can happen is they say yes and agree to your budget/needs! So why not ask?!

Vendor - Final Planning Details (Download)

You’re a couple months out from your wedding and needing to gather all the lingering information into one place like remaining balance due, due dates, day-of needs, full contact information, etc. Send this out to your vendor team and then compile your information into the Vendors tab of your LPC Online Planner.


Room Block Guide (Download)

Here’s your go-to resource for how to maneuver and manage a hotel room block. For whatever reason, this piece of wedding planning has been made out to be super difficult to navigate but take a breather ‘cause [spoiler alert] we made it ridiculously easy for you.

Wedding Week Packing List (Download)

A list of quite literally everything we could possibly think of to make sure you’re packed and ready to go for your wedding week festivities + room for you to add your own items to the list!

Honeymoon Packing List - Domestic (Download)

Traveling within the country you reside? We’ve got you covered with this basic list of travel essentials + room for you to add your own items to the list!

Honeymoon Packing List - International (Download)

Traveling abroad? We’ve got you covered with this basic list of travel essentials + room for you to add your own items to the list!

Sample Contract for Hiring a Non-Professional Friend or Family Member (Download)

If you’re opting to work with a friend or family member for one of your wedding day items like photography or flowers, we highly recommend using some form of contract to ease any complications that could potentially arise down the road. This way, all details are spelled out and everyone is on the same page as far as expectations for services provided, any money exchanged, payment terms, etc.

Printed Materials Checklist (Download)

This is the list for you if you’re trying to think through all the possible printed materials you may need including invitation specific items as well as wedding day printable needs. As always, this list is “everything you could possibly think of” not “you have to use all of these things”.


**We only ever share content with you that is LGBTQ+ friendly and affirming AND that delivers a service or product that we believe in. We will never share your information with third parties and happily only partner with high quality businesses and industry professionals. Some of the following links are affiliate links, meaning we receive a small percentage of any sale made through that link. If, for whatever reason, you receive less than satisfactory goods or services from any of the following businesses, please email us and let us know so we can reconsider any partnership we may have with them.

Design by Laney

Our friend Laney Schenk of Design by Laney (who you will recognize in the Invitations & Printed Goods Pro Call video) happily offers free shipping on all orders for LPC Online customers! Use code ‘LPCONLINE’ at check out and shipping magically becomes zero dollars. Yay!

Plain With Sprinkles Events

Our friend Erin Lowndes of Plain With Sprinkles Events (Who you will recognize in the Planning & Coordination Pro Call video) happily extends $100 off their coordination package for LPC Online clients! Mention code ‘LPCandSPRINKLES’ in your inquiry form submission and she’ll knock those $100 bucks off easy peasy! Free Printables

From table numbers to thank you cards, guest book signage to gift tags — Basic Invite has you covered with their massive collection of wedding-related free printables!


Y’all, Greetabl is amazing. We send them to our full service planning clients throughout their planning and they are SO FUN to receive too! The perfect size for a mini celebration for any occasion AND, probably the best part, they’re almost completely customizable and SUPER affordable! Send some to your best humans, give them as gifts, you can even buy in bulk and use them as your wedding favors! The possibilities are truly endless (and super cute). Check ‘em out!

East Fork Pottery

Doers of good. Makers of even better. East Fork is an Asheville, NC based pottery that makes it super easy to gift ‘cause all their dishes, vases and wares are gorgeous. You can even set up a gift registry if you’d like to have your wedding guests contribute to a full set of their dinnerware! Super socially conscious and outspoken, East Fork Pottery is an LPC favorite.

Moorea Seal

Y’all, I have been following Moorea Seal in the blogosphere since they started and I LOVE everything they sell. Super stylish, boho, funky, eclectic jewelry and accessories at ridiculously low price points + now they sell home goods and just trust me when I say it’s super easy to spend a ton of money in their shop. The owner is rad, she cusses a lot like me (and even sells stuff with cuss words on it) and she’s just super rad and you’re gonna love it so have fun.

The Dessy Group

Truly a one-stop-shop for all your wedding attire needs. Dessy has suits, dresses and accessories at very competitive prices and also makes it super easy to dress your entire wedding party in SO many different styles, brands and colors. Dessy has been a favorite of mine for folx needing to dress a lot of humans within a tighter budget but they also have high end gowns and suits as well. Scope out their collection! Their branding is cis-het normative with a few exceptions but they get bonus points from me for their range in sizing.

Minted Weddings

Where do we even begin, y’all?! Minted makes wedding invitations and printed materials SO damn easy, particularly if you’re rockin’ a tighter budget. Their suites are stunning and many of them are designed by letterpress artists. Plus, almost all of their suites feature everything from save-the-dates to your invitations, rsvp cards, envelopes, place cards, table numbers and everything in between! Save yourself some time, energy and definitely some $$$ and hop on over.


Looking for a made-to-measure, basically custom suit for your wedding? INDOCHINO rocks! They also have showrooms in several major U.S. cities so check one out near you if you prefer the in-person experience. Their branding is fairly cis-het normative but they occasionally post female-identified folks in suits on their social media accounts so there’s that. I can personally attest to their quality, selection, timeliness and overall price point considering you’re basically get a custom suit based on your exact measurements.


Similar to INDOCHINO in style but slightly different with slightly higher price point. I can also attest to their amazing quality and lots of our clients have had great luck finding an awesome suit (or suits) for their wedding day. They also just recently launched their extended size collections, which is a big bonus. Bonobos has what they call ‘Guideshops’ across the country where you go in, find the style you like, and then everything is ordered in the store to your specifications and sent to your house.

The Tailory NYC

Okay, y’all, The Tailory is FUCKING RAD! They’re based in NYC so that’s the main bummer but if you’ve got a hefty chunk of change for a custom suit and want to work with a SUPER queer affirming brand, look no further. At the very least, give them a follow on Instagram and soak up all the badassness that is their brand. You won’t regret it. :)

Artifact Uprising

I love this brand so much! Artifact Uprising started out as a photo book brand and gradually added more products to their lineup — all of which are amazing. They have a modern feel to their designs and these days you can get everything from invitations to signage to wedding guest books and photo books all without breaking a sweat! Their pricing is mid-range but considering their quality, it’s very well priced. I think you’ll love them a lot too.


General Overview

A great place to start if you’ve never used All Seated before. It briefly goes through all functionalities within your account.


Creating A Floorplan

A quick refresher + how to build out your floorplan.


Working With Your Guest List

An awesome look into all the things you can do with the Guest List function.


Seating Guests at Specific Tables and/or Chairs

Save. so. much. time. by using this function for creating your seating assignments!