Ohhhhhh damn, I’m pumped about these videos, y’all! Welcome to your Monthly Planner Videos with yours truly + corresponding Checklists to keep your planning running smoothly over the next several months. AND, because I love you so much, I’m including my super massive Wedding Planner Spreadsheet for you to download too!

The videos below are meant to be cozy “conversations” with me (emphasis on ‘cozy’ as I will legit be in my favorite chair with a cup of tea or coffee for most of them) guiding you through the wedding items to focus on for this month of your planning. So, if I may suggest, set aside an hour or two standing date in your calendars each month, grab a mug of whatever suits your fancy and snuggle up as I talk you through your wedding planning!

The real beauty of these videos and checklists is that you can go at whatever pace suits y’all. Have a couple weeks off your 9-5 and want to check off two months worth of planning? Go for it! Have a busier than normal month ahead of you? Press pause if you need to. It’ll all be here when you get back.

Each video has a corresponding downloadable checklist so snag those as well, make a notebook, view them on your device, whatever works easiest for you, and follow along as you piece together the wedding day of your actual dreams (not what you’ve been told a wedding should look like). This is gonna be fucking awesome, y’all. Let’s get started!

**A note for folx that have signed up for your LPC Online Membership somewhere in the middle of your planning or with only a few months to plan all the things:

Heck yeah! I’m pumped you’re here! These videos and checklists are set up with the idea that you have 12 months ahead of you to plan your wedding.

However, if you’re just getting started in your planning and only have 6 or 8 months before your booked wedding date, don’t fret. You’ll have a bit more upfront planning to do but you can absolutely get caught up. I recommend scheduling a weekly planning date together for a few ‘Power Hour’ weeks of planning in the beginning versus casually spacing things out with the time you have. Mostly because there are a few vendor categories that get booked out faster than others and I don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to work with your top vendor choices.

If you have a few months left and have booked the majority of your ‘big ticket’ vendors, that rocks too! You get to check off all the items you’ve completed up to this point which may mean you’re ahead of the game or find you’ve got a few extra things you didn’t think of that you’d like to include in your wedding festivities. Have no fear, my friends! You can do the things! Download all the checklists and mark off everything you’ve done up to this point (it will likely be fairly in-line with the planning order I’ve laid out here). Then play catch up on the items from previous months that you may have not booked or finalized yet. Have fun, team!