Unless you’re a finance nerd, your wedding budget is likely at the top of the list of things you’re dreading piecing together. Trust me when I say, “I. Get. It.” I love me an organizational spreadsheet but once it was tied to money, I used to flee in the opposite direction, arms flailing. Luckily, I teamed up with a lot of really rad folx that are extra knowledgeable and confident when it comes to money and finances along the way and a few of them contributed to this extra helpful Wedding Budget Tracker!

Complete with all the bells and whistles but none of the fuss of having to figure it out yourself as far as the spreadsheet goes, this budget tracker keeps your money organized and, at a quick glance, you can see if you’re on target or need to adjust a little along the way. It’s worth every second you spend figuring up your special recipe of wedding budget pie so take a few weeks to really think this through together. (Mmmmm…pie…)

I know it’s not the most glamorous part of your wedding planning but I promise it will save you so many headaches in the long run if you take the time to build this out. Because once you’re done, save for a few edits here and there as needed along the way, you’ll be able to forget about it because you’ll know you’re aligned with your budget and available wedding funds. And that, my friends, makes a WORLD of difference. You’re clear on your finances which means you’re able to be clear with your vendors which means clarity of communication and expectations. Boom. Wedding planning magic.

Take a moment and watch the interview with financial planner and genius money human, Tina Parcell. Then dive into your own finances and be honest about how much money you want to set aside for your wedding. When you’re done filling out your spreadsheet, head over to the Facebook Group to share with us there so we can give you a virtual high five. Then snag the Instagram image below and spread the news that you’re one step closer to a kick ass wedding! Seriously, celebrate that shit. You deserve it!