Hey! Are you a queer-identified or ally human in the world wanting a foolproof action plan to help you truly rock your wedding planning without blowing your budget (or losing your sanity) in the process?

I get it.

Truly. As a queer-identified human myself, having maneuvered the wedding industry since 2007, planned and DIYed my own wedding on a budget and planned the weddings of hundreds of clients, I know what you’re up against. The wedding industry was not made for us. The norms, the language, the high budget expectations, the gendered everything. Perhaps you’ve been wondering, amidst all the noise, what really matters when it comes to wedding day plans? Or maybe you’re wondering how to put all the pieces together while also doing your best to exist as a human in the world and stay true to your partnership (and your bank account). Or perhaps you’re like me, and the daily drudge of world news has you occasionally wondering what the point of a wedding even is. Regardless of your desires when it comes to planning your kickass, norm breaking wedding, I want you to know -- you’re not alone and it can be done.

Lucky Penny Creative Online is here to help you maneuver the world of wedding planning with you in the driver’s seat and me, your friendly neighborhood queer wedding planner, in your back pocket.

From spreadsheets to checklists and quite literally everything in between, our year-long planning system will guide you through every step of the wedding planning process while also talking you through the unique moments you’ll come across as queer humans navigating the wedding industry.

Wading through difficult bio family dynamics? I gotchoo.
Wanting to incorporate your own special traditions into your ceremony? I gotchoo.
Need some advice on how to make your wedding day an affirming space for your trans and non-binary friends? I gotchoo.

I’m quite literally at your finger tips along the way and for the duration of your membership, you will have a cheer squad of affirming humans who have your back always.


Our 3 Part planning system will keep you on track, motivated, inspired and feeling confident in your plans.

Part 1: Monthly Planning

Our incredibly thorough pre-recorded planning videos and printable checklists cover every detail of your DIY wedding planning process — and then some. Spread across a 12-month timeline, these videos and checklists will serve as your road map from day one through the month after your wedding (because life doesn’t end the day you say ‘we do’…)

Part 2: Your Lucky Penny Creative Community

Arguably the best part about LPC Online is that throughout all your planning, you’ll never be alone. Our private Facebook community will be with you as you make your way through each month of your wedding plans. And our favorite affirming Vendor Pros will be on deck to help answer your questions and cheer you on. Not to mention, during our live, twice-monthly Magic Hour Calls, you can send in your own specific wedding-related questions and I’ll answer them with you! 

I’ve also spoken with some of the raddest humans in the wedding industry about how to navigate their specific areas of expertise and recorded them in bite-sized Pro Call videos. Topics include:

  • Catering & Bar

  • Hiring a Day-of Coordinator

  • Budget Tracking

  • Beauty & Grooming

  • Hiring The Perfect Photographer

  • Pinterest Inspiration Gathering

  • Floral Design

  • SO much more!

And perhaps the most beautiful piece of Your LPC Online Community is our massive nationwide affirming vendor directory! You’ll never have to wonder if your vendor team affirms your existence because I’ve already done the legwork for you.

That’s the real beauty of this community -- it provides the space you’ve been looking for to fully support you as you navigate a new-to-you industry, progress through the LPC Online planning program and witness some serious wedding wins along the way. We’re a team from day one and you will feel set up to succeed every moment along the way.

Part 3: Additional Support

In addition to your Monthly Planning and Community access, I’ve compiled all of the extra things that only a planner would know you need like…

  • A resource library packed with additional content, our favorite queer-affirming blog posts, downloadable check-lists, email templates + special vendor-specific content to pair up with each Pro Call video

  • Discounts and promo codes for LPC Online approved wedding goodies

  • A budget tracker to keep your finances in line along the way, no matter your wedding budget


If you’ve been waiting for your moment, this is it.

The doors to the LPC Online community won’t be open at this discounted rate for long.

So come join us today and let’s make some magic together, shall we?


Alex, who the heck are you?

That’s a great question!

I’m a queer-identified, pansexual, non-binary human living in the southern United States. My pronouns are she/her or they/them and I am real into weddings with BIG heart.

I started Lucky Penny Creative in 2013 before marriage equality was the law of the land and I knew, when the ruling came down from the Supreme Court, my mission was clear: I want to help folx like me navigate an industry that was never set up for them to succeed.

I’m here to flip the script on what it means to plan a wedding. But more importantly, I’m here to defy what it means to take up space in this industry.

I have regularly been described by our clients as not just their wedding planner but their wedding therapist. And I take immense pride in being able to hold space for folx as they make their way through the sometimes-overwhelming process of planning a wedding.

It is one of my greatest privileges to be with you as you write this next chapter of your lives together. And believe me when I say, that immense honor is never lost on me.

This community is for you if you’re ready to rocK IT!

If you dream of planning a wedding that is a true reflection of your partnership...

If you’re excited to be proactive in your DIY wedding planning while having the support of a wedding planner to help you create something you’ll feel proud of...

If you desire a wedding planning experience that uniquely fits you, your schedule and your budget...

If you are ready to plan your wedding alongside some of the coolest humans you’ll ever meet...

Lucky Penny Creative Online is for you!


 The time is right...

No matter where you are in your planning, we’re here for you.
The beauty of virtual wedding planning is that you get to choose your pace.
You’ll have access to every piece of content for a full 12 months
which means you decide the schedule that’s perfect for you.

So, are you in?


I’m in! What next?

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive your member area login and password. From there, LPC Online is all yours!

You’ll instantly have full access to the Monthly Planning modules, Vendor Pro Calls, Resource Library -- all if it -- with new content being released every month! Our go-at-your-own-pace planning makes it easy for you to rock your wedding on your own time and really make the most of the videos and downloadable content when the time is right for you and your schedule.

From there, you can explore our Resource Library full of additional content, downloads, guides, email templates, how-to’s and more! Not to mention our blog where we feature other amazing LPC Online Approved businesses that are doing amazing work around the world!

And of course, you’ll always have access to your community via the private Facebook group and twice-monthly live Magic Hour Calls for support along your wedding planning journey. This is where the real magic happens as you connect with your fellow members and celebrate all your accomplishments -- big and small -- along the way.

But what about….

Q: Is this just for queer people planning weddings?

A: It’s for queer people and allies! All the content has been created with the LGBTQ+ community at the top of the list (game changer) so some of the content may not apply to you specifically if you’re a cisgender, heterosexual and/or monogamous couple. 

Q: What if we’re engaged but our wedding is longer than a year away?

A: I definitely recommend joining now for a couple reasons. The first being, you’ll get set up from day one on a successful path forward. So often, I have clients find me 3, 6 or even 8 months into their planning and they are in full on panic mode because the foundation was never there. And let me tell you, there are few things more stressful than undoing messy wedding plans and starting all over with only a few months to go.

Q: We’re planning a poly wedding. Does the LPC Online planning framework work for us too?

A: Absolutely! We’ve worked with poly clients in the past and are well versed in inclusive ways to marry your primary partner while also including your sweeties in the festivities in ways that feel good for everyone.

Q: Why is the Beta pricing half off?

A: Great question! I knew I needed to release this content into the world sooner rather than later or I would never get it done. The beta launch is simply a way to welcome you into the new LPC Online experience at a discounted rate while I untangle any knots that may arise along the way. As with any launch of a new service, there’s a learning curve. But if I’ve learned anything as a business owner it’s that the moment I get out of my own way and stop listening to those buzzkill thoughts (“It’s not perfect yet!” “This still needs tweaking!” “They’re gonna hate it!”) the magic starts to happen. So, please enjoy this newly formed magic at this special rate while you can. :) 

Q: Do you offer refunds if I hate it?

A: Due to the digital and downloadable nature of our products and services, we do not offer any refunds or returns for any products or services sold on our website for any reason. (But we’re pretty sure you won’t hate it.) :)

so, What are you waiting for?!

It’s time to take that next step toward deeper breathing and a wedding that feels like YOU.

Let’s rock this together, shall we? Your full year of LPC Online access starts now!

Single Pay

$499 for FULL YEAR


Monthly Planning Videos + Checklists

Budget Tracker + Spreadsheet

Twice-Monthly Magic Hour Calls

Vendor Pro Call Collection

Resource Library Full of
Downloadable Content + Guides

Special Bonus Content,
Discounts & Surprises

**BONUS** Fun Snail Mail Goodies!

Single Payment of $499


6 Payment Installments

$85/MONTH for 6 MONTHS
We understand that money can be tight
so we’ve broken your single year payment into
6 monthly installments.


Monthly Planning Videos + Checklists

Budget Tracker + Spreadsheet

Twice-Monthly Magic Hour Calls

Vendor Pro Call Collection

Resource Library Full of
Downloadable Content + Guides

Special Bonus Content,
Discounts & Surprises

$85 per month for 6 months